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At SSDL we are far more than a distributor, we are a value-added reseller (VAR) with a wide range of services.

The pace of innovation and other changes in the world of electronics can leave product designers and production managers frustrated by supply chain issues such as obsolescence and, when parts are available, long lead times.

We know this to be the case because we are, ourselves, an OEM of products. How many distributors can say the same?

Accordingly, we have created a range of services to help designers, manufacturers and purchasers.

Expert Knowledge & Engineering Support

When designing memory into a product – and even when prototyping – it is important to select the most fit-for-purpose device.

While our product selector tool helps you identify the best devices based on capacity, form factor, memory type, operating temp etc., our Field Application Engineers (FAEs) are on hand to answer any questions you might have – or just to give you peace of mind.

Also, as experienced designers, we can help with your product development; our capabilities include circuit and PCB design, programming and product test/verification.


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Variable Demand

The best plans need flexibility as demand is often difficult to predict. We therefore work with multiple suppliers – and not just those for which we are authorised distributors – to source parts when demand increases beyond forecasts.

We can also advise on multiple equivalent parts from different manufacturers to ensure the resilience of your production schedules. And if for some reason you need to slow your rate of production, our flexible arrangements can defer existing orders (revisiting price plans, if required).

In essence, there is great flexibility and adaptability to our service, and we will align the rate at which we supply (and if necessary, what we supply) to meet your operating practices.

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Locked Down Bills of Materials

Once you have selected your memory device and we’ve supplied a sample, if you decide it is the exact one you want to design into your product (and add to you bill of materials, BOM) we can obtain a guarantee from the manufacturer that you will receive the same part moving forward; it will even be assigned a unique part number.

Why do this? As you are no doubt aware, manufacturers are at liberty to change the silicon in their devices over time. While the device’s fundamental characteristics – such as capacity, speed, form factor and operating temperature – won’t change there might be subtle changes in impedance, for example.

If you want the peace of mind that the devices delivered years from now are exactly the same as the one you added to your BOM, we can make that possible.

And in the worst case, if end-of-life (EOL) is announced on the part, we will provide the earliest notification possible and (under this service) work with you and our manufacturers to seek a solution.

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Data Duplication

If you require the memory devices (such as SD cards) to be preloaded with data, that’s not a problem. Simply supply us with a master device and we will copy the data, bit-by-bit. We will also verifyy that each copy made is 100% identical.

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Customisation & Security

We can customise your memory products, and that includes password protecting and encrypting any data you want pre-loaded onto the devices.

Also, if want the devices such as SC or CF cards to carry your corporate branding we can take care of that too.

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Global Supply

We can supply worldwide through our network of trusted local partners.

This ensures you will receive the same high level of support and be dealing with the same customer support manager.

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End-of-Life Management

Inevitably, all parts designed into an electronic product or system run the risk of becoming obsolete.

We offer an end-of-life management service that can protect you against obsolescence.

Thanks to how closely we work with several OEMs of memory products, we often have access to stock (or obsolete parts) that other distributors do not.

Worst case, if obsolete parts are simply unavailable, we can help you find alternatives that are compatible with your application.

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Unlike all other distributors you’ve probably ever engaged with, we manufacture products ourselves; solid-state based emulators to replace legacy drives.

This means we have first-hand experience of designing memory, such as Compact Flash, into products that will be used in a variety of industries – such as military & aerospace, automotive and commercial – making us empathetic to the challenges you face.

It also means that, above, when we talk about end-of-life management, engineering support, accommodating variable demands etc. we speak from experience.

We are your perfect partner.

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