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We are the franchised distributor of a number of industrial grade flash memory and DRAM manufacturers, and many of the data storage solutions we can supply meet the strict requirements for use in industrial embedded applications.

We supply highly reliable and extremely durable memory products to a wide variety of embedded systems OEMs.

The industrial grade product lines we represent are designed to meet the requirements of different embedded applications and ensure outstanding performance. Features include mechanical shock resistance, high-pressure and high-temperature tolerance, and even the capability to withstand immersion in water.

With our wide range of memory and storage products, we are confident we have a solution for you. For instance, we are already supplying customers with small form factor solutions for reducing system size and decreasing mechanical interference. We are also providing solutions that provide easy plug-in and waterproofing.

Additionally, our flash storage and DRAM module vendors are backed by a dedicated engineering support team and come with BOM control and flexible customization options.

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