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We are the franchised distributor of a number of industrial grade flash memory and DRAM manufacturers, and many of the data storage solutions we supply meet the strict requirements for use in the automotive sector.

Most of the industrial memory products we supply are designed for operation in harsh environments, so are ideally suited to automotive applications. Features such as low power consumption and heat and shock resistance allow the products we supply to be used in not only road vehicles but also trucks, diggers and other heavy plant vehicles: as used in construction, mining and quarrying, for example.

Also, these products are radiation resistant and are compliant with the standards of E-Mark (EU), SAE J1113 (US), and ISO 7637-2.

Most Popular

Our most popular product currently shipping into the automotive sector is the Innodisk M.2 (P42) 3TE4.

Featuring an antivibration mechanism and dynamic thermal management, the M.2 (P42) 3TE4 is a NVM Express DRAM-less SSD designed with PCIe interface and industrial 3D TLC NAND Flash. M.2 (P42) 3TE4 supports PCIe Gen III x 4 and it is compliant with NVM 1.3 providing excellent top and also outstanding sustained performance. With sophisticated error detection and correction (ECC) functions, the module can ensure full End-to-End data path protection that secures the data transmission between host system and NAND Flash.

Innodisk M.2 (P42) 3TEA Series with Innodisk NAND
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Still using average storage products for your in-vehicle systems?

There are many challenges when it comes to designing products for in-vehicle computing systems. For instance, a vehicle’s power supply can be affected by many factors, and power supply instability is a common issue.

To operate reliably in an automotive application, systems must tolerate temperature extremes, high vibration levels, humidity and dust. Also, most in-vehicle embedded systems are ARM-based and require specialised storage solutions to ensure stability.

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Harsh Environment

Extreme temperatures and constant thermal cycling can cause damage and severely reduce product lifespan. The in-vehicle products we supply are tested and certified for operations in temperatures ranging from -40 to 85°C. Also, many products have integrated thermal sensors detect temperature spikes and manage performance to avoid overheating.

Several products also comply with the US MIL-STD-810G and are certified to withstand the stringent shock and vibration sustained during operation. We can also supply memory modules with mounting holes for much more rugged attachment to the motherboard.

Conformal coating is available for all modules, and can ensure protection from dust, dirt and humidity.

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The industrial grade flash solutions we provide will help you face the challenges of automotive applications

Our solutions support in-vehicle data storage applications. Features include protection against vehicle power brownouts and blackouts. For example, upon the detection of a failing power source, data can be moved from volatile to non-volatile memory.

Also, many products are compliant with the United States Military Standard MIL-STD-810F/G, so that the storage system can remain fully operational during strong impact.

The thermal sensor and wide temperature range design features protect the system against extreme weather conditions, and options such as conformal coating prevents problems caused by moisture, dust, and chemicals.

One of our Industrial grade flash vendors offers 32-bit DRAM for systems using ARM architecture; this option is a rarity in the market.

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Characteristics of our in-vehicle computing storage solutions


  • Radiation-resistance certified by automotive standards (Flash)
  • Features to prevent data loss during power failure (Flash)
  • Low power consumption design (Flash)
  • Thermal sensor and wide temperature range
  • Rugged design and compliant with MIL-STD-810 F/G
  • Conformal coating compliant with MIL- I-46058C
  • Supports systems using the ARM architecture (DRAM)
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