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Legacy systems rely on regular backups that are made to cumbersome magnetic media types that are now obsolete.

We have a suite of management tools that will modernise your backups. We also have tools that provide a clear picture of the health of your drives, which can help support the predictive maintenance of your host system.

All our emulators are available with an Ethernet port, thus providing remote access (manual or autonomous) to their solid-state drives.

Used with our control apps, complete images can be backed up onto Compact Flash (CF) and/or the cloud.

Also, recovery from system crashes is made easy because the drive’s image can be quickly restored from a previous backup.

Flash2GUI Application

This is a Windows (7 or higher) based graphical user interface (GUI) for our Ethernet-enabled emulators that use a single CF card as their primary storage media.

Flash2GUI provides a selection of memory management tools, including backup, for which different levels of authorisation can be set, depending on which users you want to give permission to make changes. In addition, many of the program’s operations can be scripted.

During backup, Flash2GUI takes the emulated drive offline (as far as the host system is concerned). The period is only brief, thanks to the performance of Flash memory, but if your host systems need uninterrupted access to the drive, we recommend you consider an emulator with two CF cards and our Hot Backup and Recovery Manager software.

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Hot Backup & Recovery Manager

These features are available on all dual CF drives. Hot backup can be performed manually using the push-button on the drive (if fitted and accessible) or remotely (via Ethernet) using our Recovery Manager software.

Hot Backup automatically resynchronises the two CF cards immediately after backup to maintain a mirrored pair. This improves the productive time for systems that run continuously.

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Predictive Maintenance

ISMART gives valuable information on the health of the CF cards used in our emulators, information that can help in planning maintenance of your host system.

You can check operating temperatures, memory capacity, media health and loading – all via intuitive graphics.

Alerts can be set to warn you if performance limits are reached, allowing preventative measures to be taken before a failure occurs.

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Disk Cloner Station

This station, which has a single CF card slot, can be used to clone most SCSI-1 and -2 interfaced drives such as hard disk, magneto optic, floppy, Jazz, Zip and tape for backup purposes.

It is also possible, using Flash2GUI, to copy data from the Cloner to the cloud or onto your network.

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Disk Duplicator Station

This station builds on the capabilities of the Disk Cloner Station. It has two CF card slots and can be used to copy data from most SCSI-1 and -2 interfaced drives plus any removable media they use.

Again, it is possible to copy data from the station to the cloud or your network, but our Hot Backup & Recovery Manager software is required.

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