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Flash2GUI is a graphical user interface running on Windows™ (version 7 or higher) that fully integrates with our Ethernet-enabled single Compact Flash (CF) based emulators to provide you with a variety of memory management tools, including remote backup.

Multiple login levels ensure that only authorised users can make changes and, for added convenience, many of Flash2GUI’s operations can be scripted.

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Touchless Removable®

Where legacy drives use removable media such as tapes or floppy or optical disks, our emulator replacements use Compact Flash (CF) memory cards. These cards can be treated in the same way as the old media, i.e., removed and replaced as desired.

However, all our emulator replacements for such drives are available with an ethernet port, enabling them to be accessed via your local area network (LAN).

This allows you to:

  • Copy/backup CF card images to other devices on your network.
  • Restore an earlier CF card image to your local drive.
  • Connect remotely for any other drive maintenance issues.

Adding a drive to your network is simply a case of ‘plug & play’, and a major benefit of using Touchless Removable is that you can greatly reduce the need to physically access your drive.



Manage Emulation

You can configure our emulator’s firmware to match the requirements of your host system. Simply select sector size, disk capacity and base emulation. Also, you can remotely manage multiple Ethernet-connected drives from a single Flash2GUI instance.

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Backup Library

Through Flash2GUI you can take drives offline for backup and restore to any directory on your Windows™ host with ease. This allows a library of complete disk images to be managed, thus reducing the time for maintenance tasks and, if ever needed, restoration after a system crash.

Note: if taking drives offline, for any amount of time, is to be avoided, we recommend our Hot Backup and Recovery Manager solution.

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Edit Images

Flash2GUI incorporates an image editor that allows files to be added or removed from supported file systems (currently FAT32 and OS9).

In this way, log files can be recovered, and scripts and recipes can be changed.

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