Legacy Solutions

Project & Obsolescence Management

While replacing a legacy drive is a simple case of ‘out with the old and in with the new’ the activity should ideally be timed to coincide with the scheduled maintenance of your host system. Also, there might be safety and compliance issues with which to contend. And do you need the data on the old drive to be cloned first?

By engaging with us early we can determine when your legacy drives will be nearing its end-of-life and schedule its replacement so that you experience minimal disruption to your operations. In other words, we can align with your business goals.

Moreover, once your new drive is in place, we can manage any obsolescence issues it might face moving forward – and can guarantee the availability of functionally equivalent devices.

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Maintenance & Additional Warranty

We offer a range of maintenance options that can also extend the warranty on our drives.

Depending on the product our solid-state replacement for legacy drives come with either two- or three-years warranty but can be extended up to four years after the initial purchase date.

We will also work with you to agree an on-site maintenance plan that meets your requirements. This plan will include us being responsible for ensuring that – should the worst happen – there is adequate ‘hot swap’ stock is available.

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Maintaining Lease

We offer maintenance leasing – of up to seven years – on all products designed, manufactured and programmed by us to take the place of your legacy/obsolete storage drives.

Under this service, the cost of repairs, software updates and the provision of compatible products in the event of obsolescence (of parts within our drives) are covered for the term of the agreement.

This service is available as a full maintenance lease or as a maintenance option only.

 Features & Benefits

  • The lease is a business expense rather than a capital expenditure, so is better for your cash flow.
  • Cost of repairs is built into the pricing.
  • Firmware upgrades are included.
  • End-of-life management. If you have installed one of our products under our Maintaining Lease programme and we subsequently remove it (and support) from our portfolio, we will provide you with a newer but functionally equivalent drive. The replacement will be protected under the same programme.
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While our CF2SCSI™ SCSIFlash™ drives are extremely versatile and can be programmed to emulate virtually any legacy/obsolete storage device we can also build a bespoke drive from scratch should you require.

Once built, the drive is then eligible for any of the above support services.

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