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Production lines are typically designed around dedicated tools and systems that must be maintained for lifetimes that exceed the serviceable life of their data storage drives.

A considerable volume of data is needed in most manufacturing scenarios. For instance, for PCB assembly (PCBA), data includes board layout files, bills of materials (BOMs) and program settings for a variety of line equipment and tools. There is also a need to store data captured during production runs.

However, many production line tools and systems still use old technology data storage devices that are becoming increasingly unreliable and for which like-for-like replacements are not available.

We provide manufacturers with high reliability solid-state replacements that emulate the functionality of legacy data storage devices. They feature modern flash memory and are swap-in replacements for your old drives.

Also, our Device Manager allows individual parameter files to be changed on selected tools. This then allows for quicker change overtimes.

By switching to solid-state you will improve the reliability of your production lines without having to make costly and time-consuming system-level modifications.

Wide Range

We have more than 60 swap-in modern replacements for legacy drives that have either internal magnetic hard disk drives (HDDs) or use removable media such as magnetic tapes or disks, or optical media.

Our replacements employ latest technology solid-state memory and, other than switching over to our hardware, you need make no other changes to your system or its software.

We can also duplicate your existing data so that the switchover is seamless. Your system interfaces with your new and highly reliable drive as if it’s always been there. Plus, there are some amazing optional features.

You can find your ideal emulator by using our product selector.

And if none of our 60-plus solutions meet your requirements, we offer a full turnkey solution.

We can also reverse engineer old storage devices for which the original design information is no longer available.

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Touchless Removable®

Where legacy drives use removable media such as tapes or floppy or optical disks, our emulator replacements use Compact Flash (CF) memory cards. These cards can be treated in the same way as the old media, i.e., removed and replaced as desired.

However, all our emulator replacements for such drives are available with an ethernet port, enabling them to be accessed via your local area network (LAN).

This allows you to:

  • Copy/backup CF card images to other devices on your network.
  • Restore an earlier CF card image to your local drive.
  • Connect remotely for any other drive maintenance issues.

Adding a drive to your network is simply a case of ‘plug & play’, and a major benefit of using Touchless Removable is that you can greatly reduce the need to physically access your drive.



Project & Obsolescence Management

Replacing a legacy drive often involves more than swapping hardware. Ideally, the replacement should be timed to coincide with scheduled maintenance. Also, there might be safety and compliance issues with which to contend.

We can produce and manage the project to synchronise drive replacement to meet your business goals.

By engaging with us early we can determine when your legacy drive will be nearing its end-of-life and schedule its replacement so that your operations experience minimal disruption.

Also, once your new drive is in place, we can manage any obsolescence issues it might face, and can guarantee the availability of functionally equivalent devices.

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Maintaining Lease

You can contain costs and avoid capital purchases entirely under our Maintaining Lease service.

The cost of repairs, software updates and provision of compatible products (in the event of obsolescence) can be covered for up to seven years.

Our service is available as a full maintaining lease or a maintenance lease for the solution that best meets your business needs.

Or, to put it another way, any data storage device is a ‘means to an end’. You are primarily interested in having the ability to store and access data reliably and securely. Accordingly, let us take care of providing the ‘means’ so that you can focus on your operations.

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Host Systems Supported

We offer high-reliability solid-state replacement SCSI drives for the following systems:

DEC Systems
Rosemount System 3 (RS3) DCS
Equipment That Uses The iRMX Operating System

Not Found What You Are Looking For?

Our CF2SCSI™ SCSIFlash™ drive can be programmed to replicate the behaviour of the data storage drive in any system.

We also offer a full custom service.

Contact our specialists to discuss your requirements. We’re here to help.

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