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Solid State Disks Ltd

Dependable Data Storage Solutions

We design and manufacture form-fit-function replacements for obsolete storage devices and specialise in the supply of modern memory products for industrial and harsh environment applications.

Our solid-state CF2SCSI™ SCSIFlash™ are swap-in replacements for legacy drives that use yesteryear’s technologies – such as magnetic hard disk drives, tapes and optical disks – and can extend the operating lives of your systems. We can emulate virtually any legacy data storage device using modern industrial grade flash memory and there’s no need for you to make any changes to your system.

We are also the approved UK vendor partner of a number of market leading flash memory storage solution OEMs, and we have offices in the UK (that serve Europe), the USA and Australia.


We were established in 1989, when our CEO Richard Hilken launched a highly successful disk and tape drive refurbishment business called Reactive Computer Services Ltd, which supported a number of major OEMs including Compaq.

Note: Richard’s personal history with data storage predates Reactive by over a decade. Pictured on the left is Richard (sitting) when he was Shift Manager of the Ferranti Atlas, one of the largest supercomputers of its day, at Rutherford Laboratory in 1976. He later went on to become Managing Director of Norman Magnetics Ltd (an OEM of 18-inch magnetic disks).

In the early 1990s, Reactive created its first solid-state emulators as plug-in replacements for obsolete storage devices, after which the company became Solid State Disks Ltd (SSDL), at the heart of the Reactive Group of companies (established the same year).

In 1996 we acquired Tiger Technology, which had a number of projects within (and had developed technologies for) the aerospace and defence industries.

We signed our first distribution agreement with a major industrial memory manufacturer in 2003, since when we have signed three more.

Most recently, our acquisition of Arraid Inc, Arizona, USA in 2017, has brought in key US government contracts and a range of storage subsystems used to support legacy minicomputer systems.

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Quality and Approvals


We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified.  Please follow the links below to view our certificates.

For Solid State Disks Ltd – certificate can be viewed here.  For Arraid LCC – certificate can be viewed here.


Also, we are Cyber Essentials certified.  You can view our certificate here


In addition, we are proud to work with and to be members of a number of industry organisations, including:

In most cases, our membership to the above organisations requires that we meet certain criteria in terms of our processes and the quality of our products and services.

Conflict Minerals Policy

We have a strong commitment to the environment and sustainability programmes, and we are aware of (and are focused on preventing) human rights violations that are associated with the mining of certain minerals under potentially violent conditions in certain parts of the world.

We support the principles endorsed by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Regulation and Consumer Protection Act to avoid the use of Conflict Minerals.

We also expect our suppliers to source their materials from socially responsible suppliers and to comply with all regulations pertaining to conflict minerals – and provide us with all necessary declarations.

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