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Many legacy systems incorporate data storage devices that rely heavily on the continued health and operation of drives with moving parts and yesteryear’s storage media (magnetic disks and tapes and floppy and optical discs for example).

Because of their age, such storage devices are becoming increasingly unreliable. However:

  • New like-for-like replacements are not available – they are now obsolete.
  • Refurbished second-hand like-for-like placements, when they can be found, carry short warrantees.

We provide solid-state swap-in replacements that emulate the functionality of your legacy storage device. They are matched to your host systems, so there’s no need to change your application software.

Our emulators incorporate modern flash memory ICs (so no moving parts), are highly reliable and can be maintained for a guaranteed seven years. Also, all come with the option of our lease-maintenance service.

You can find your ideal emulator by using our product selector.

And if none of our wide range of solutions meet your requirements, we offer a full turnkey solution. We can also reverse engineer old storage devices for which the original design information is no longer available.

Solid-State Replacements for SCSI HDD, SCSI Optical, SCSI Tape, SCSI Floppy Drives and PATA / IDE Mechanical Drives

Our products can emulate a wide range of SASI, SCSI-1, SCSI-2, SCSI-3 (LVD and SCA) and PATA / IDE drives and can be programmed to suit your host system requirements.

The CF2SCSI SCSIFLASH drives have a long-term history of advanced SCSI emulation, to match the most demanding requirements of emulation on legacy systems.

Features include:

  • Industrial grade Compact Flash (CF) or SATA based CFast / M.2.
  • Up to 1TB (TLC) for non-mission critical applications and up to 64GB (SLC) for fixed disk heavy read/write mission critical applications.
  • 100,000 RW cycles.
  • Approved for use in mil-aero, nuclear, power and network equipment-building systems (NEBS) applications, to name a few.
  • 17 years of nonstop safe usage with 0% error rate.
  • True TCP/IP networking combined with CF through FLASH2GUI software.
  • No additional software changes are required by the host.
  • Primary data storage is always written to the CF card.

We also offer the solid-state PATAFlash drive to replace PATA (IDE) mechanical drives still operating on critical systems.

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