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Hot Backup allows backups to be taken on our dual CF-based emulators at the push of a button (if fitted / accessible). Moreover, if the emulators are Ethernet-enabled, the hot backup can be performed remotely using Recovery Manager.

Hot Backup resynchs CF cards after backup to maintain a mirrored pair. This improves the productive time for systems that run continuously.

High Reliability

In the event of one of the CF cards failing, Hot Backup will continue operating at full speed; unlike RAID 1, which runs at half speed.

A mirror CF card is maintained which is hot swappable with a new card, which will automatically synchronise.

Instant Backup

Once both cards are synchronised, either can be used as a removable backup.

Alternatively, if the emulator has an Ethernet port, either can be copied without removing it, using our Recovery Manager software.

The host continues to function with the remaining live CF card giving you an instant backup. When the copy CF card is remounted, Hot Backup will once again synchronise the cards using change logs to quickly re-establish mirrored CF cards.

Rapid Recovery

In the unlikely event of a host crash causing the failure of both CF cards, restoring from backups is rapid, using a total disk image.

Simply select the last known good backup and restore by using either backup on a CF card or via Ethernet (if the emulator has a port) using Recovery Manager.

View our SCSIFlash2/PATAFlash2 HotBackup Drive datasheet.

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