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The Disk Cloner Station copies the contents of a SCSI-based legacy drive onto a Compact Flash (CF) card for backup purposes.

This station, which has a single CF card slot, can be used to clone most SCSI-1 and -2 interfaced drives such as hard disk, magneto optic, floppy, Jazz, Zip and tape.

Backup or Copy

With a data transfer rate of more than 6Gb/min, cloning is a quick and easy way of copying the entire image of a legacy drive – provided the target (the CF card) is larger than the source.

The station has a standard 68-pin connector at the rear and ribbon cabling and adapters are supplied to provide standard 50, 68, or 80-pin connections to the source drive (to be cloned).

The front panel provides a clone box power switch, a USB serial interface – to communicate to the target device and control the cloning operation – an Ethernet port and CF card slot.

The Disk Cloner Station enables you to make backups, as often as you require, of your legacy drive onto solid-state memory (i.e., the CF card). However, the contents of the CF card can itself be backed up (to the cloud or to another drive on your network). For this we recommend you use Flash2GUI .

An approved industrial CF card is supplied with Disk Cloner Station.

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