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Chapter 1: Part 5 – Navigating the Drive Menu (1 of 2)

18 Jun 2023

In this video we will show you how to navigate the Drive menu within Flash2GUI memory management software.

Part 1 of 2 looks at how to

  • set drive size/capacity settings

Selecting the Capacity mode dropdown presents three options

    • 1) Emulated Drive Size, (the original size of the emulated drive)
    • 2) CF Card size (maximum capacity of the CF card) and
    • 3) Custom size (User configurable)

The formatting instructions for each of these options are explained in this video. Common uses for drive size changes are legacy equipment originally fitted with a much smaller drive and capacity required for operation is smaller than available.  Also, by making a drive size change reduces time required for back-up and restore.

  • manage online/offline status
  • manage write protect status
  • select the right erase option
  • select different emulations

Selecting Emulation mode from the dropdown displays the current SCSI manufacturer emulation options.  Hovering over each shows the manufacturer, model and emulations available.  Please note: The emulation list on this demonstration video are examples.  More emulations can be added/are available on request.

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