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Chapter 1: Part 5 – Navigating the Drive Menu (2 of 2)

18 Jun 2023

In this video we will show you how to navigate the Drive menu within Flash2GUI memory management software.

Part 2 of 2 looks at how to manage your Network settings, and your Refresh status. We will show you how to access details of your drive, the flash LEDs function and Get Trace files.  Get Trace Files allows you to download the SCSI trace files for analysis in case of issues.  The file system for SCSI tracing will be covered in another chapter.

Also, in part 2 of this chapter we explain how to execute commands and scripts by selecting Execute Cmds from the Drive menu. A pop up box is displayed, where you can enter your command in the command box.  Selecting CmdSequence will prompt the user for a script file, we will cover creating and running these in more detail in another chapter.

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