Nortel DMS-100/10 DPP/BMC

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We offer high reliability solid-state replacement drives for a wide variety of telecoms equipment.

Our CF2SCSI™ SCSIFlash™ drives can be used to replace drives with either internal storage media, such as magnetic HDDs and SSDs, or which use removable media, such as magnetic tapes, optical disks (CD / DVD), floppies and solid-state memory cards.

If you have a Nortel DMS-100/10 switch distributed processing peripheral (DPP) or billing media converter (BMC) and its legacy data storage device is starting to fail, or you fear it might soon, we can help.

The following drives can be easily replaced, without making any changes to the host system:

  • NT6M72BA / ENPQBB61XX (140MB non turbo)
  • NT6M72DA (380MB non turbo)
  • NT6M72DD (380MB turbo)
  • NT6M72EA / ENPQ72EAAA (760MB turbo)
  • NT6M72GA / AMPQADFJAA (1GB turbo)
  • NT6M72JA / AMPQAECJAA (1GB turbo)
  • NT6M72HA / AMPQADGJAA (2GB turbo)
  • NT6M72KA / AMPQAEBJAA (2GB turbo)

Our replacement drives have been tested and approved by a leading European telecom carrier.

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What is SCSIFlash™?

Our drive solves the growing and increasingly expensive problem of repairing or replacing ageing and failing SCSI-based 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch and 5.25-inch hard disk drives, magneto optical drives, quarter-inch tape drives and floppy disk drives on computer-based legacy equipment used in telecoms and other industries.

Combining proven SCSI drive architectures with industry-standard, solid-state Flash-based memory technology, our drives are drop-in replacement for any style of SCSI-based drive.

We have two families of products:

  • SCSIFlash™. The storage media used is Compact Flash (CF), up to 128GB capacity, and the SCSI interface (SASI, SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 architectures) is standard (narrow) 8-bit with data transfer rates of up to 10MB/s.
  • SCSIFlash-Fast™. The storage media used is either CFast or M.2 SSD, up to 1TB capacity, and the data transfer rate is up to 80MB/s. SASI, SCSI-1, SCSI-2 and Ultra3 are supported, and the interface is automatically detected as being standard/narrow (8-bit SCSI, wide (16-bit) SCSI, single-ended (SE) or low voltage different (LVD) signalling.

Our drives are completely programmable, enabling the SCSI driver implementation nuances of the original equipment to be fully emulated. This means you won’t have to make any changes to your system. Our drives are truly swap-in replacements.

For further information on SCSIFlash and SCSIFlash-Fast, and to access data sheets, please visit here:

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