Bering OptiPac System (with 7698N MO drive)

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We offer high reliability solid-state replacement drives for a wide variety of military and aerospace equipment.

If you have a Bering OptiPac system and its 7698N magneto-optical (MO) cartridge drive and is starting to fail, or you fear it might soon, we can help.

Our CF2SCSI™ SCSIFlash™ drives are used extensively within the aerospace and defence sectors to replace legacy drives with internal storage media, such as magnetic HDDs and SSDs, and/or which use removable media, such as magnetic tapes, optical disks (CD / DVD), floppies and solid-state memory cards.

For example, our drive is in use as a swap-in replacement for the Seagate ST31051N (1050MB) and CT1716N SCSI optical drives, used within the Bering OptiPac 7698N System.

Note, OptiPac systems were frequently used to support Hewlett-Packard legacy computers. Most systems had a removable HDD (for primary functions) and an MO disk drive (for backups). CF2SCSI™ SCSIFlash™ can be used to replace both drives.

Our drive will emulate the behaviour of your legacy drives. This means your host system requires no changes and it will treat our drives as if they were the original parts. In addition, you benefit from the high reliability, improved performance (such as fast and simplified memory erase for security) and reduced noise and power consumption that all come through switching to latest technology solid-state memory.

Also, all our CF2SCSI™ SCSIFlash™ drives can be fitted with Ethernet ports, enabling them to be networked and accessed through our Windows (7 or higher) Flash2GUI memory management software.

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What is CF2SCSI™ SCSIFlash™?

Our drive solves the growing and increasingly expensive problem of repairing or replacing ageing and failing SCSI-based 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch and 5.25-inch hard disk drives, magneto optical drives, quarter-inch tape drives and floppy disk drives on computer-based legacy equipment used in telecoms and other industries.

Combining proven SCSI drive architectures (SASI, SCSI-1, SCSI-2) with industry-standard, solid state Compact Flash (CF) card technology our CF to SCSI (CF2SCSI™) SCSIFlash™ is a solid-state drop-in replacement for any style of SCSI-based drive. Moreover, we can accommodate a variety of connector/interface types including, but not limited to, Pertec, QIC DAT, DLT 3490, Jazz, ZIP and Bernoulli.

Our drives are completely programmable, enabling the SCSI driver implementation nuances of the original equipment manufacturers to be fully emulated. This means you won’t have to make any changes to your system. Our drives are truly swap-in replacements.

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